Does this sound like you?

  • You worked like a dog all day, but didn’t work on your priorities;
  • You are exhausted by the highs and lows in your business;
  • People see you as an expert, but you believe you are an ‘Imposter”;
  • You bully yourself with negative self-talk and then avoid taking action?

If you just said ‘Yes, that’s me’ you MUST listen to these interviews.

You will learn how to:

  • Stop being busy and get the right things done;
  • Make better decisions – and be the master not the slave to your emotions
  • Create a successful and loyal team that brings in more clients
  • Eliminate self-sabotage so you can accomplish your goals.

You will come away feeling inspired and confident so you can Grow Yourself and Grow Your Business

Meet Your Expert Speakers

Ben Palmer

Chief Executive Officer of Genos International

Carol Williams

Women's Business Empowerment Coach

Cheryl Thacker

Master Board Certified
Coach - Coach Cheryl

Deborah Westcott

Founder + CEO of coachEQ

Glenn Livingston

Veteran Psychologist

Teresa Quinlan

Emotional Intelligence Coach, Speaker, Consultant

Marcey Rader

Performance Coach, Business Owner & Speaker

Mark Struczewski

Productivity Coach & Speaker

Micheal Burt

Business Coach &
Best Selling Author


World-Class Executive Coach, Corporate Trainer & Author

Robin Hills

Emotional intelligence coach, trainer & facilitator

Sharon Svenson

Law of Attraction Coach,
foundational mindset
expert  & hypnotist

Sunny Faronbi

Leadership Coach
& Keynote Speaker

Bruce Wayne McLellan

Author, Speaker and a Leadership Coach

Christie Garcia

Speaker, Founder
and Leadership Coach

Dr. Kellee Rutley

Chiropractor, Speaker, Mentor

Robyn Pearce

Time Management Expert Helping You To Tame Overwhelm & Overload in Business and Life

Stever Robbins

CEO and Executive Coach

Susanne Biro

Coach to C-suite and executive-level leader

Morgan Hendrix

Coach Morgan Hendrix of
Wild + Brave

Salomeh Diaz

Sara Engel

Director of Employee Success (HR) for Financial Force

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About Audrey Schnell

Dr. Schnell has an M.A. in Clinical Psychology , Ph.D. in Epidemiology and Biostatistics and an IIN graduate. She has been studying why and how people change for over 40+ years.

Her integration of hard science with spirituality come naturally to her.

Audrey’s goal is to help people by making the unconscious conscious so that they transform their lives.

We create our reality. Blind spots have to uncovered our blind spots to make that happen.

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